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October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Magnificent Cowboys (1971)


To state the obvious, The Magnificent Cowboys looks rather magnificent. The 1971 gay porn classic takes you to a quaint little ranch where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and where a bunch of horny country boys pound one another’s brains out.

If you’re a fan of the Western genre but wish it incorporated more blowjobs and butt fuckery, this might be your new (or old) favorite movie! Watch the trailer, just to be sure.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bijou World

Click through to watch a trailer for this film:

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boredat2am 3:08am on October 26, 2012

Vintage pornography is really sexy. I love how they guys look, the weird plots, etc

  • GayMeUp

    This looks a lot like Warhol’s Lonesome Cowboys, released just a few years prior, and only slightly less explicit. I can’t imagine it wasn’t in conversation with that film. Ah, for the days when gay porn had connections to a larger world of art.

  • Anne Noise

    One of my favorite vintage flicks! This was one of the first vintage films I saw, I remember distinctly finding it in a huge stack of old VHS at a friends (fuck’s) house, setting it aside to watch later, and both having quite a good time with it on.

  • Anthony

    These vintage movies get me going more than the most of the present day ones. >w<;

  • alaskaman

    yeehaw! mount up cowboy!

  • alaskaman

    yeehaw! mount up cowboy!

  • alaskaman

    yeehaw! mount up cowboy!

  • Commenter

    I hear ya, GayMeUp. This does make today’s porn–so much of which is totally run-of-the-mill–look pretty pale by comparison. Note to Sean Cody and the like: There’s nothing artful or even fantastical about two guys fucking on a Pottery Barn sofa.

  • Anonymous

    Gay porn really has not change that much over the years

  • sabazius

    funny story. did BOYS IN THE BAND in the late 80’s. Classic hit, sold out the 4 weeks in Vancouver. Big hit with critics, made the director/producer rich. But the cowboy who was the present for Harold – *me* said – YOU BETTER STOP ACTING SO GAY – GUYS WILL THINK YOU REALLY ARE. Well I laughed because we had acted 4 times together in community and coop theatre and he DID NOT KNOW!

    When he asked me one day – I used the cock ring the director gave me but it doesn’t work for me. I found out he put it around the cock not the cock and balls. So it was beautiful to help him arrange his goods. And show him the ropes. He was a sweet guy. 100% niave lumber jack – 22 years old from Oregon. And didn’t know any gay people. THe entire cast was gay but two. And one is now on a lot of tv and movies.

    SO it’s been a thrill to have experiences like that. But that was the best. THE BEST. I love innocence of straight men who really don’t know a thing about gay life.

    i once got a bull semen collector to tell me in detail how he uses cowhide and synthetic cow heat hormones gets the bulls penis in and with warmed gloves jerks off the bull. THey dont’ care anymore then men do when they are in the mood to have sex.

  • mad_cowed_disease

    That looked an awful lot like a 1970s, cute Matt Damon doppelganger at 1’25” or so….

  • boredat2am

    Vintage pornography is really sexy. I love how they guys look, the weird plots, etc