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December 17, 2012

Aza Better Surrender That Santa From Under Her Boobs



Meet Aza. She might be everything. This luscious overbite princess likes her a “Hunky Santa.” She wants to sit on his lap and bake cookies for him. She wants to smother his naked torso with kisses. She wants to gag him and ride him like a bucking bronco. Basically Aza and I share the exact same fantasies about Santa Claus. There is no way I could ever top her lyrical prowess or raw sex appeal, though. Chrismas is erotic and Aza is the star on top of the holiday hotness tree. Definitely download this track and pump it on Christmas morning while you do an lacivious booty-dropping dance for your family. Baste that holiday turkey with sexy! Your Nana will love it.

For real, though – her Santa is hot. Her Christmas skank show is distracting me from him. Aza, release a version with just him, would ya?

– J. Harvey

To watch “Hunky Santa”, Follow the BREAK:





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Rex 11:05am on December 18, 2012

OMFG, it's the Polish chick from 2 Broke Girls! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    I prefer her single “Attempt”. It’s particularly good when she rhymes “one” with “one”, though attempt number six is *obviously* my favorite:

  • Rex

    OMFG, it’s the Polish chick from 2 Broke Girls! LMAO