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December 11, 2012

In Bed With Colby Keller: (The REAL) Toys For Sluts, Part 1


I have to publicly apologize to Mr. Keller. Last week we ran Colby Keller’s latest vid and I titled it “Toys For Sluts, Part 1.” Except it wasn’t the REAL part one. It was actually PART TWO of Colby’s “In Bed With Colby Keller” holiday gifting sex toys rundown YouTube extravaganza. I RUINED THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS! Luckily, Colby didn’t fly to Boston to beat me. Although, I heard he gives a pretty good spanking. So maybe I need to fuck shit up even more next time. Nevertheless, here is the video that you should watch first in this series. Then watch this one. And you’ll be able to watch the third one next week. Any questions, let me know. Feel free to castigate me for being a dumbass in the comments.

Oooo, and this week’s about dildos!

– J. Harvey

To watch, Follow the JUMP:

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ℜεx Gαηч♏ε∂ε. (Super Hero.) 2:35am on December 26, 2012

i'm quite the fan of the sweater, colb! :-D also, cool tips for those of us who don't have the (unfortunate) benefit of experience.

  • Knightmare69

    oh trust me, we’re all dumbasses sometimes. live and let live

  • _lit

    gold star lesson : stay hydrated! I had no idea – Thanks Sex-pert!

  • Lord, I’m so confused now. What is part 1 and what is part 2? Am I going to be doing things out of sequence? Damn it…life is ruined! Thanks so much Dewitt.

  • i’m quite the fan of the sweater, colb!


    also, cool tips for those of us who don’t have the (unfortunate) benefit of experience.