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January 20, 2013

Caption This: The Man In A Pipe

Here’s a guy sticking his head into a pipe! His pants are pulled down around his thighs, giving us a spectacular view of his thick, meaty (and might I add fuckable) ass. Might this be the perfect equation for a round of Manhunt Daily‘s Caption This? We think so.

If you’re up for the challenge, leave a comment with your wittiest (or sexiest) caption for the image above. We’ll sift through the entries for the best of the bunch and post the winner in next week’s post. Think you have what it takes? Prove it, you cocky motherfucker!

For those of you who aren’t coming up with anything good, we encourage you to click through, check out the current submissions and show some support by “liking” another reader’s caption. Who knows? It might influence our final decision.

– Dewitt


Click through to see last week’s winning caption:

anus dentata

You must have known I love bad movies, ubg469!

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John 3:13am on February 8, 2013

So this is what Goliath's asshole looks like...

  • this wasn’t what the captain meant when he asked the cabin boy to keep those hard workers on the poop deck occupied.

  • Zack

    I’ll fill this hole while you fill mine.

  • Nh8plus

    Go slow I’m a bit rusty!

  • dos_olive

    Extreme Plumber’s Crack

  • ISUguy07

    Talk about a glory WHOLE!!

  • NewHusky2012


  • anon89

    I am going to find this things prostate if it kills me.

  • dos_olive

    Extreme Plumber’s Crack

  • Cayle

    Yep!!! Looks like this one isnt going to clean itself!

  • DragonLord7585

    This is my Death Star impression. Fire in my hole, Luke.

  • John

    So this is what Goliath’s asshole looks like…