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February 11, 2013

This Is How Parishioners From The Westboro Baptist Church Find Love

How do people from the “God Hates Fags” hook up? Westboro Mingle! It can be difficult for a bigoted numbnuts to meet people. Often their evil is off-putting! Hell, even the brainwashed Rosemary’s Babies are fleeing their church in droves!  Westboro Mingle is bringing insane homophobes together in love. Because when you’re picketing the funerals of a solider killed in Afghanistan or a child that died in a school shooting, there’s really no time to socialize.

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  • Brian

    Why would you even post this? It just gives these losers free publicity.

  • Carlsan

    This satire! It’s not a real site.

  • Stewie

    I am still trying to decide if this is real or a spoof.

  • Ty

    I will not watch this, Bad Bad bad

  • dakbear

    This is such a satire people. get over yourselves…this is not giving publicity for the bigots….enjoy the satire……

  • dantespic

    shame on you for posting this stupidity

  • rockdog

    Guys, lighten up. It’s a spoof. Anything to make fun of these microbial minded slugs is ok in my book.

  • xx

    This is satire folks — this IS NOT REAL

  • mercutio84

    Haha… if you saw this and thought it was anything but satire… You need to learn how to relax. haha.

  • RavelTrouser

    Wow…almost half the responds on this post are clearly not Mensa material…I hope your cocks are big boys. This is CLEARLY a joke.

  • shimmian

    fucking hilarious video — reminds me of the scene in “best in show” when parker posey is talking about meeting her husband at starbucks across the street from each other —– great satire

  • Anthony

    If this was real I would have said something along the lines of it’s supposed to distract from all the incest…because yea, practically impossible for them to meet. x3

  • dCarr

    “I told you this would happen if you dated outside the family”

  • Steve

    This is the most moronic thing I’ve ever watched.

  • Brilliant!