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April 29, 2013

Quickie: JC Salter

JC Salter is a fitness model and All-American Guy who plans to become a firefighter! If it was legal, I would be the world’s horniest pyromanoiac! I’d be setting fire to things left and right. And then when he showed up, I’d pounce on his muscled bod. I would yank his speedo down so quick his dick would spin. And hopefully spin into my ass.

Photo credit: All-American Guys




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  • Iluvcumgutrs

    He’s fucking gorgeous!

  • fab-o

    Wow. Just…wow!

  • scottb

    Too pretty.

  • col_boi

    I feel like he would give a really good hug. I’d be more than happy to find out.

  • Ya baby!

  • RavelTrouser

    what a fucking God.

  • Tom

    Looks a little fat…..

  • bert33405

    I wonder if he likes to cuddle ?

  • DAK23

    That body and that face! Oy, how much sperm can I waste now?

  • DRB

    This is why I have body issues. I need to starve and simultaneously lift.

  • Well he may think he’s going to be a firefighter but odds are his fitness modeling career is going to get in the way of that. DAMN! He needs to bring his hose over here because my cock is on fire!

  • No, you don’t. You are beautiful. I can tell. We don’t post these so you dudes feel bad about yourselves. We post em’ cuz’ it’s fappable eye candy. Ease up on yourself.

  • maemc

    come to daddy!!!!