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June 12, 2013

Do Men Give Better Head Than Women?

You’ve heard the myth that women are inferior when it comes to sucking cock, right? Well, I’m curious to know if there’s any truth behind it! While I’ve personally never had a ladies’ lips wrapped around my shaft, I know we’ve got plenty of straight, curious, bisexual, pansexual, ex-straight or otherwise-identified readers out there who would be able to compare and contrast. Based on your experiences, can you make a generalization in either direction?

The key word here is “generalization”. I’m well aware that there are going to be terrible (or fantastic) cocksuckers on both extremes of the gender spectrum. The myth, as I understand, assumes that men know what men like, so they have a better idea about what to do and where to linger when they’re slobbering on another guy’s knob… But do you need to have a dick to know what to do with one? That’s the big question here.

I anxiously await your answers.

– Dewitt

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Phenix Saint fucks Jessie Colter on gay porn site Str8 to Gay.

Phenix Saint fucks Jessie Colter on gay porn site Str8 to Gay.

Phenix Saint fucks Jessie Colter on gay porn site Str8 to Gay.

Phenix Saint fucks Jessie Colter on gay porn site Str8 to Gay.

Phenix Saint fucks Jessie Colter on gay porn site Str8 to Gay.

Phenix Saint fucks Jessie Colter on gay porn site Str8 to Gay.

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  • RavelTrouser

    I’m going to say that in general, yes. I talk to girls I’m friends with and only a few of them truly enjoy giving head. Which, I think is key to doing it well. To do anything 100% you have to start with a passion for it. That passion drives one to learn and perfect techniques and to explore the act with gusto.
    So beyond the basic: guys have a better innate understanding of what feels good (which is so-so on the truth scale to me) it ain’t nothing without a genuine enthusiasm, and men who love cock…love cock.

  • RavelTrouser

    And I’ve had exponentially better head from guys than the timid cock-sucking I’ve experienced with women…they all seemed to be from the Bel-Ami school of Fallatio…which is nice…but…if you’re not gonna deepthroat it, just sit on it..

  • hd

    From my experience, women are better at it.

  • Steve Goryan

    I believe in the theory, and in what you say here – but – I just want to play Devil’s advocate. Every man likes something different. Hell some guys don’t even like getting head. Don’t look at me that way, I know it’s true. 😉 And some guys who don’t like giving it, do a good job anyway! But what I’m thinking of is that it really depends on how quick a learner he is. More head, less head, more shaft, more fingers, more mouth, shallow or deep… and when he cums, does he want the sucker to keep up the motion, or does he want his cock up against the back of the sucker’s throat, pushed in as far as it’ll go while he pumps that load down into his stomach?! These are things I gotta know! 😉

  • Steve Goryan

    Dude! Phenix Saint? I mean… Phenix Saint?????

    Errr… what was the question again?

  • Domtoppapi

    I have a thick cut cock…8 inches of hot man meat…I have had women and men suck my cock, n MEN do it better…men that luv cock know what they are doing…women just sort of go through the motions and really suck at it…lol, no pun…wonder if women eat pussy better than men?…I have eaten twat on many occasion, prefer a nice fat cock better…ummm, just wondering …

  • John

    I’ve never gotten head from a woman, so I personally have nothing to compare it with, however, sucking cock is different for gay men because we love cock, and love having one in our mouths. We are just as turned on as the guy who’s getting sucked off. Women seem to give head because they are doing their man a favor, (I’m speaking in generalities here. Yes, I know there are exceptions). Because of this, men are going to be better because it’s a turn on not only to suck a cock, but to do it in a way that the receiver will enjoy the most. Also to be considered is the fact that men know what feels good to another man. I’ve heard from many guys that do speak from experience that men do it better than women.

  • mvj134

    It’s an enduring myth to be sure, and just as ridiculous as lesbians thinking they are better at licking pussy because they have the same equipment. Many a straight man have been sorely disappointed by trying out the gay guy on a dick theory. The problem is most men don’t even know their own dicks, much less how to please somebody else’s, and ditto for women and pussy. For example, I ask how do you go about an uncut dick differently from a cut one, and I get blank looks. Guys who think they already understand what feels good have already eliminated the potential to be surprised. And just because you think you know what you want in a blowjob, doesn’t mean you have the skill to deliver it. I’d say a draw with both sides having tons to learn. I will say though, that Americans are BY FAR the best at sucking dick, and I’m not even American. Must be all those candy bars, lollipops and popsicles you go through when you’re younger.

  • Junior Galarce

    Well i think thats not true I’m a man and I dont like to suck, I think its gross, and I think when I do I’m bad at it, if thats true I would be great at it, even if I dont like it, which is not the case.

  • youngcock1234

    I’ve had a few girls who suck dick like a pro but deff more guys who were amazing at head I’ve had way to many experiences with girls where my cock is abused by constant teeth grinding and loose lips or who hold it with a death grip. I shouldn’t have to cringe and be scared of your mout on my dick girls!

  • Married In Dixie

    Just look at the number of Married Guys and Single (Straight) guys with a Girlfriend on Here, and I think you can answer that question for yourself!

  • markmanscooter

    My top two best blow job givers are both women. they both loved to do it as much as I love to get one. The rest of my top ten are all dudes though. My worst blow job, however, was also from a woman. No sense of cock. I love eating pussy and can’t imagine that a woman is better at it. Damn, that makes me sound cocky. I agree you have to love it to really be good at it.

  • aussiefella

    fellas do give better head i think its cause we have dicks so we know how to work a dick…u know how to get urself off so getting someone who has same bits as you aint difficult also way more happy to do it then gals are….i think this is also why lesbians are better at eating out then str8 guys same thing they have the bits they know wat works for them….

  • shorty

    My thoughts exactly- we are better at it because it is something that we love and fantasize about doing.

  • Tom

    well i have had my cock sucked by both men and women. had lots of women when i was younger, very few of them even liked to sduck cock, but did it cause i askedand most of them really didnt like to suck cock and werent very good at it
    but every man that ever sucked my cock was fuckin great. they knew what they were doing with my cock, never felt one tooth graze my cock or even a small bite on it with a guy suckin it, but many women left racing stripes down my cock and my cock isnt all that thick
    women very seldom took all my 7 inch cock in their mouth but every guy i have ever been with just sucked it balls deep the first time he had it in his mouth and just kept suckin n suckin n lickin my nuts and my ass making me so fuckin horny n hard
    and when it came time to shoot my cum, well men are the best, they just take it all down their throats, but women always pull it out of their mouth and either jack me off or have me jack myself off

  • AZComicGeek

    I’ve never had a woman but all they guys I’ve sucked who have said I did it better.

  • Dygo1001

    On the topic about men vs. women and a gender is only better at performing oral to that same gender: Consider rimming….everyone has an ass and tongue, does one sex do it better than the other? Just a question. 😛

  • Wickbaby

    Amen my brother!

  • biguy.houston

    I have had pleasurable blow jobs from a few women. When I finally decided to experiment with man to man sex at the age of 66, I asked a gay friend to give me some advice on how to give good head. He said that he really could not tell me anything. When he first did it at the age of 14, it just came naturally. He felt that guys just have an instinct for sucking cock. The first time I went down on a man I enjoyed it and, if he was being honest, so did he. Since then, I have been with several men, all of whom tell me I am a good cock sucker. As for receiving, my endowment is only average and all of the men who have pleasured me have had individual styles; none of which I objected to; all of which gave me powerful releases. I have to conclude that men, including myself, do it better.

  • due to “slut shaming,” women are not as likely to want to live up to their potential, as us fellas might.

    once sexuality isn’t so demonized, then we may begin to draw some fairer comparisons.

    until then…

  • KiannaLeigh

    Aww. What a thoughtful notion.

  • i know, right?


    what do you think, Sis?

  • KiannaLeigh

    That oral sex is a good thing. It’s like god’s {air quotes} gift to humans.

    And the Lord said: “Let there be awesome!” And there was.

  • even an agnostic like me is compelled to declare “god bless the first, pioneering people who’d said to themselves: `oh my.. ..this right here looks good enough for me to. . . . .
    `what would happen if i were to put This in my maw. . ? ?´”!

    (air quotes)


    the human race would be extinct, without this sort of innovation.

    (i wonder.. ..if someone had observed some lower animal giving each other head, and then ran with it?)

  • KiannaLeigh

    Honestly, someone, somewhere, just thought it tasty. I mean, why else would human have tasty smelling pheromones if you weren’t supposed to put your mouth there. I’m in the middle of the last book of the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty series … so much oral. So much rather gruff but completely beautiful manly love. Lauret is a man’s man. I’m swooning.

  • (sou ka…

    may you recommend this as relevant reading for a gentleman such as m’self, m’lady?)


    (we’re supposed to put our mouths Down There.

    like it’s the most natural thing in the world.)

    butte frankely, oral’s very important — ´cuz, our planet long-would have imploded on itself

    from too many people running around

  • KiannaLeigh

    True. Infant death rates are way down from hundred of years ago. The oral sex rate should rise accordingly so that the population can stay steady.

    And as for the Sleeping Beauty series, sure, why not. All the chapters following the men are written in sensual first person which entices me somehow. Being a gender-fuck, seeing into the sexy-man mind makes my happy. (And it’s hot. That too. XD)

  • 😀

    i am glad you are my wife.

    just want’cha t’know that, Sis.



  • KiannaLeigh

    I’d thought of that too. LOL. But somehow, my brain went: “Incest? Hot!” Oh my the affect my reading has on my brain. But I suppose you aren’t surprised by that, knowing me as you do.

  • nie.

    i’m not surprised.

    however, i chose you to marry, in light of this knowledge.


    :: nom nom nom ::

    i’ve been away, to work on finishing my mashed-potato stew (as my contribution to tonight’s dinner).
    maybe if i go a little lighter on the carrots, and drain more broth, i’ll have a masterpiece on my hands.)

  • KiannaLeigh

    Oh my god! Mashed-potato stew! That sounds great. I wish I had some. That remind me. I have to go eat dinner.
    But oh! I was reading your blog (not a stalker I swear) and sometimes I think: “Oh I ought email him a hug” if that was physically possible.

  • (that’s why i got the link in my little bio there!

    to have a chance of generating some form of revenue

    heh heh heh

    please knock yourself out … i’ve a bit in my archives that you may glean)

    enjoy your dinner, KiLe; mines should be pretty spectacular, on this night!

  • KiannaLeigh

    Hey! You’re sweet. You’re plenty deserving.

  • same for you, my Sister Wife.


    hopefully, things have been proceeding better in your neck of the woods, in comparison to mine’s?

  • the difference between regular mashed ‘taters, and mashed ‘tater stew, is i let the broth act as the “creaming” agent — no Dairy added

    i made a good bit of it, so that might be for the best.. ..i’ll soon be checking if they’ve not given over to Souring

    (i’m not a seasoned cook {snerk} yet, y’see)

  • KiannaLeigh

    …. I hate work sometimes… T_T I rather be talking to you.

  • KiannaLeigh

    “i’m not a seasoned cook {snerk} yet, y’see”

    somehow, I doubt that. ~_^

  • (well..

    ..i am salty. . . . .)

  • Jedd

    In my experience, men give better head. I’ve had a lot of women, but only one man give me head. While some women were great, none
    compared to the one man that I was with. When a woman does it, it
    normally takes about half an hour for me to cum, whereas the man got me
    there within 2 minutes! Now, I would like to know if all men would do
    the same for me, did I luck out on my first try, was it because I was
    doing something that “I wasn’t supposed to be doing”, or do I like men
    better than women…or do I like this particular man better than
    anyone??? Unfortunately for me, I have lost touch with this particular person, so there was no repeat performance 🙁 and I haven’t been with another man since him.

  • Jedd

    I think all men, regardless of sexual preference, innately know how to give better head than women. The first time I gave a guy head, he was like me, bi (if you need to put a label on it), and was the first guy I was with…we were in his bedroom, he went to the bathroom and when he came out, he got on the bed where I was already sitting and I just about ripped his pants off, I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on his penis…and in the middle of everything he moaned, “You give great head”. Right before he was about to cum, a bit of “pre-cum” oozed out and I could feel the head of his penis getting harder and larger in my mouth, I then took my mouth off and he shot his load on his stomach…I chickened out at the last second…I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but I couldn’t do it…but all in all, I was just giving him, what I would have liked, unfortunately, he didn’t reciprocate. My enthusiasm may have had something to do with giving him “great head”…how does that saying go…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” hahaha I’m not sure if that’s what they were talking about, but it fits. The same with women, they can lick pussy better than men…although I have had a woman tell me I do it like a woman…I think it’s just my love for going down on people and giving them that much pleasure that makes me good at it. I’m turning myself on…if I could give myself head, I would never leave the house!! 🙂

  • Jedd

    True, True…but there are women who love doing it too…and these are the ones who do it well. I still think, no matter how well they do it, men do it better.

  • Jedd

    How sad, you’ve never had a woman swallow!! I’ve rarely had a woman not swallow. Men do give better blowjobs though.

  • Jedd

    This site needs to have like buttons too!

  • was that meant for me?