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June 11, 2013

The Locker Room: Kayne Lawton

Kayne Lawton is an Australian rugby player who plays for the Gold Coast Titans. I know this because his Wikipedia entry was checked. I check Wikipedia for two reasons. The first being that I don’t know dick about sports so there’s a need to relay SOME sort of legit info about the athlete in question. The second? I want to make sure the guy isn’t some sort of awful demon before the post about how doable he is goes up. It would be awful if he was bankrupting small businesses, slapping koala bears, and burning down Chuckie Cheese’s locations while we’re fantasizing about him dicking us in the ass. Friends have informed me that people are supposed to be less sexy when they’re evil. It hasn’t kicked in for me. Luckily there haven’t been any attractive serial killers as of yet.













Kayne Lawton - Rugby Player - thealbamale.blogspot




Kayne Lawton 07 (1)




Kayne Lawton | Gods of Football • HD by rjm-men



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bert33405 6:10pm on August 8, 2013

Kayne Lawton is delicious in every way, a guy one would be proud to bring home to meet dear old mom and all the family !

  • Paulysj

    OMG- I knew I loved rugby for a good reason!

  • MikeGMU2

    JH: Would the world really mourn the loss of a Chuckie Cheese or 2(00)? 😉 And thanks for the fapping material. Rugby= orgasm!!!!

  • joeat

    OMG, he is EXTREMELY attractive and easy on the eyes.

  • ricky1961

    Wow this guy is absolutely fabulous looking! He can come knocking on my door anytime of the day!

  • RavelTrouser

    Question…in the future…can it be common place/expected that professional athletes will do porn? These calendars are a great start. But I would love it if they would start fucking for charity.

  • CMn702

    Goddamn!! He’s so hot it almost hurts to look at him.

  • Ty

    Damn he is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAK23

    Oh. My. Glob. Such stunning perfection.

  • theo_smago

    It looks like they put brown makeup on his abs to make them look more defined.

  • schiz0id

    Big Boy is Big

  • devilsgrin

    in the calendar shoot it sure does… but the other shots you can see his abs are well defined anyway.

  • Jesus Christ! I think you may just have found the hottest sports player around! Everything about this man is stunning. The accent just seals the deal!

  • Fisk08


  • infiernos

    Lawton is the Kanye we should be obsessed with, instead of that butt ugly Kanye West, who’s unfortunately spreading his evil seed with Kim Kardashian.

  • terrymck

    Check the spelling of his name…not the same. So your point is lost.

  • infiernos

    Ha, ha, ha! I’m dyslexic today. Anyway, I still love to hate Kanye West. You’d think with all his money, he’d get his harelip fixed.

  • terrymck

    And I have no problem with hating Kanye West. He is a no-talent thug and needs to go away.

  • Dewitt2it

    HAHA, if you think Kanye West has no talent, then you are clueless to his accomplishments as a producer. Keep acting like you know everything.

  • here-here, brother d!


    The spelling may be incorrect but the point is not !!!

  • figjam

    Aw…c’mon Kayne…show us your cane…

  • bert33405

    Kayne Lawton is delicious in every way, a guy one would be proud to bring home to meet dear old mom and all the family !