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Allen Silver in Dad Gets Into Trouble
July 8, 2013

Joe Gage’s “Dad Gets Into Trouble” Tackles More Taboos, Solidifies Allen Silver’s Status As Gay Porn’s Ultimate Silver Daddy.

How do you get more taboo than a father fucking his own son? The power team of Joe Gage and Allen Silver do their best in Dad Gets Into Trouble, the third installment of the extremely popular series that began with Dad Takes A Fishing Trip and continued with Dad Goes To College. The five newest scenes find a pastor (Brenden Cage) tag-teaming Allen with the help of his son (Devin Moss), an uncle (Josh West) whipping out his cock for his nephew (Ross Bailey), a fling with a police officer (Mitch Vaughan) and an orgy that definitely treads into incestual territory.

After the surprising popularity of My Wild And Raunchy Son, Lex Stern M.D. and our Further Tales of Sons & Fathers posts, I’m curious to hear from both sides of the fence! Is it more disturbing to watch simulated incest when it’s live action, or do you find the cartoons and comic strips equally uncomfortable? On the flip side, is it somehow hotter to see tbese scenarios acted out by real-life porn actors? Or, on a more extreme note, does this all seem like a lesser evil/turn-on when you take into account the existence of the Peters Twins, the semi-famous Bel Ami twins who’ve been known to make out, swap blowjobs and fuck one another up the ass?

Please submit your essays on this topic by 10am tomorrow morning.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dragon Media

Watch the XXX trailer for Dad Gets Into Trouble below:



Buy the DVD, download the film or see additional teaser clips at DRAGON MEDIA.



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Jon Rhys 9:52am on January 3, 2016

haute couture is NOT created to be worn. ready-to-wear is, but haute couture is a showcase for the artistry of fashion and will never make the shops. so yes: haute couture aims to be art, ready-to-wear aims for the shops

  • LoveRimmingAss

    No real interest other than Spike is back doing porn! Or have I been missing something?

  • Wickbaby

    Find nothing remotely sexy about incest: simulated, animated or otherwise..

  • darson256

    I love this series!! I am a HUGE fan of and never go a day without reading the Incest section. Would love to see some of those stories acted out. Someone needs to film a scene where Mom is still around. Show Dad slipping out of bed at night to hook up with Jr!! Gotta go


    DISGUSTING did not even bother to check out the trailer !!!

  • hd

    A few days ago , a paedophile confessed on manhuntdaily, in the post ” how young is too young”, name was byronbritten or brittenbyron…

    He said he specifically “enjoyed the company of youth” that “there are laws but where would we be now if we respected all laws”…basically saying he was into below 18 guys, and saw nothing wrong with it.

    Told him to seek professional help before he makes another victim…He didn’t take it very well.

  • RicRio

    Not keen in the incest storylines. Can’t say I’m keen on the bad acting in the preview clip either.

  • Gamesaver1

    Girls have Seduced By Mommy or Mommy & Me…so if daughters and their moms can enjoy each other, father-son is natural…it’s sooo not a big deal. And it’s hot 🙂

  • hd



    FYI Lesbian porn is not aimed at lesbian women at all.

    Some of you guys really need to see a psychiatrist.

  • We’ve had men playing dad/son for years in porn and it’s always kinda hot (as long as the son isn’t really a boy). It’s porn. It’s fantasy. That edginess is hot. Cartoons are even hotter for it because…it’s fucking cartoons. Gay sex used to be this edgy to some people and probably still is to most of them so if you’re uncomfortable with dad/son porn, now you know how they feel. That being said, I have no interest in having sex with my dad (if here were alive) nor with my son (if I had one). I’ve grown to like playing “dad” for younger guys so it’s all good to me. Besides, most people are objecting to it because of what society has told us that “incest is bad”. The only real problem there is that incest might produce deformed children. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that children will never be the product of two dudes fucking…ever.

    Art should push our edges. It’s where the growth is. Porn is art (yes, mostly bad bad art) but still it qualifies. If it makes you uncomfortable, look at why that is rather than just screaming about your discomfort. If there is a problem, looking inside is where the solution resides, not blaming the world because you have a problem.

  • guest

    What’s with the young guys playing the son/nephew having the receding hairlines? There are enough twinks out there…cast ones that actually look the part, if you’re going to do it.

    And glad to see the Joe Gage School of Intense and Lingering Stares is alive and well.

  • DickFace

    OMG…really bad acting.

  • NeedsDaddyCock

    Hello? Release date?

  • Dewitt2it

    It’s already available now, from what I understand.

  • emc

    If not a totally lame plot, hysterical. I’ll stick with the films and men from Hot House and Club Inferno thanks.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    Porn is not art. One of the definitions of art–yes there are definitions—no–everything is not art–is that the (item/painting/opera/ballet) cannot serve a specific purpose…it is created to be enjoyed, not to be utilized for anything else. Porn is created specifically to help the viewer climax, so therefore it is not technically art.

  • By that logic, would you say that fashion isn’t art?

    Because the items created by designers are utilized for another purpose… And yet they are art.

    Also, all art isn’t created to be “enjoyed”, so you might want to look up the definition that you seem to know so much about.

  • So you don’t enjoy climaxing?

    I’m not sure I agree with your logic on the purpose of porn or really your definition of art. Porn is like any other “visual art form”, it is a creative expression from someone to the world. THAT is its purpose. Everything has a purpose otherwise it wouldn’t exist. Your judgment upon porn doesn’t mean that it isn’t art, it just means that you have a need to judge it.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    Sorry guys, I know it doesn’t seem important to respond to you, but what I’ve said is indisputable. Hundreds of philosophers and aestheticians (who know a hell of a lot more about art than you and I) have done this work and authored dozens books since the beginning of time and their work is used to teach artists all over the world what art is and what art isn’t. I see you both think that you are experts here, so go ahead…blame this all on me, deny everything I’ve written and assume I’m judgmental because your favorite pornos aren’t art. This is how ignorance functions, and ignorance is bliss. I was only trying to help clarify what is art and what ISN’T art. I certainly didn’t want to prove that you’re both arrogant fools, but you’ve taken care of that. I watch and enjoy porn, but I can assure you that pornos are just not art. Sorry if that upsets you but if you don’t want to believe me because you enjoy acting like a bitch, maybe you can do a google search using keywords Aesthetics and Art, and maybe you’ll learn something. Good luck.

  • Just to be clear, we aren’t blaming anything on anyone. It is YOU that says porn is not art. That is your judgment upon porn. Yours. None of it upsets me because I really don’t care one way or the other. It is you that seems upset and bent on contradicting me and even name calling. Very nice. Neither you nor I hold the definitive definition of “art”. Art comes in many forms not just pretty pictures on the wall. I invite you to expand your definition of it to include all art forms even if you do not like the medium or think it’s art.

  • Actually, pretty sure you’re the one coming off as an arrogant, close-minded fool, especially when you can’t cite a single source for this universal truth that pornography can NEVER be art and art can NEVER be arousing.

    Even if you could, there are just as many sources that would argue the counterpoint.

    Good luck in life.

  • Definition of art, copied and pasted with no alteration: “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”

    Yes, I just Googled that, as you suggested.

    Yes, porn can accomplish everything mentioned in that definition.

    Yes, what you said is disputable.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    Well listen budd, I’m not trying to be disagreeable, but your ignorance and willful arrogance is the only thing making you look like a fool. Especially when you start calling me a bunch of names. I watch a ton of pornos, but I also have a degree in art, I’m sorry, your pornos are not art. Why is this revelation sooooo difficult for you to handle? How about you google Susan Sontag, Ernst Cassirer and Alfred North Whitehead, but the catch is you need to actually read one of their books and stop hissing in order to see that I’m correct and always will be correct?

  • duckfaceantonacio

    Dewitt, your angry words are just ridiculous. It is like you’re just asking me to insult you. Go have a war with someone else who is just as misinformed as you….you’re way out of your league here.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    Again, you’d need to actually read a book and study art like I did in order to see that none of this is MY opinion. I never once said that I did not like the medium. That’s what you and dewitt supplied. I said nothing to that effect. But blame it all on me, go right ahead.

  • You seem to ignore the definition that I just quoted directly, which I had NOTHING to do with creating either. That’s awfully convenient for your argument and condescending tone!

    As it happens, I also have a degree in art. You probably didn’t expect that from a gay porn blogger, because clearly, you are a judgmental, arrogant individual who calls “victim” when he’s the one who first started calling people names.

  • Jon Rhys

    haute couture is NOT created to be worn. ready-to-wear is, but haute couture is a showcase for the artistry of fashion and will never make the shops. so yes: haute couture aims to be art, ready-to-wear aims for the shops