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Jamie Cudmore
August 20, 2013

The Locker Room: Jamie Cudmore

I already wanted to gobble Canadian rugby star Jamie Cudmore’s cock. Then I read these two Tweets. This big sex ape is a straight ally! Of course he is, he’s Canadian. Everything good comes from Canada. Michael J. Fox, poutine, Mountie porn – the list is endless.

Jamie Cudmore plays for the Top 14 club ASM Clermont Auvergne in Canada, lives in France with his wife and daughter, and has been nicknamed “Cuddles” by his teammates. Supposedly, it’s because he’s a complete behemoth on the field. I prefer to think that he’s called that because he gives the best hugs in the entire world. Hugs that end with him spearing your ass on his cock and bouncing you around like you were some sort of ball.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: PAUCE

Check out more pics of Jamie Cudmore below:




















Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 1.04.32 PM



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LumberJack 5:27pm on March 4, 2014

what a hottie with a "I'm going to fuck you until you cry" look! But I bet he is a snuggler after the act!

  • hd

    I approve this guy and his mustache and everything about him.

  • DAK23

    That is a big dude.

  • James

    The ultimate butterface. But the body is incredible

  • hd

    I disagree, he has a very rugged masculine physique, I like it.

    Of course if you are into Bel Ami boys and twinks, you’re not gonna dig him…

  • James

    his physique (amazing) has nothing to do with his face( Cro-Magnon,caveman), you should probably look up the meaning of a butterface before trying to land digs. I actually enjoy the site of a rugged man but cauliflower ear and exaggerated brow ridges aren’t appealing.

  • RavelTrouser

    To you. You don’t get to say that cauliflower ear and exaggerated brow ridges are categorically unappealing. One man’s butterface is the next man’s cream.

  • Tim

    his younger brother is actor Daniel Cudmore, 6’8″, who plays Colossus in the X-men movies

  • devilsgrin

    now that’s a beautiful man.


    Come on James he does not have a butterface he has a masculine face I mean how would this big rugged guy look with a feminine type face ? Oh and while we are at it ( not that U or anyone else cares LOL ) but I HATE the term butterface !

  • One-eye

    Bad case of cauliflower ear

  • Yea yea yea…let’s focus on him too. Cuddles is nice and all but I’m liking his brother just a wee bit better. I would cuddle the fuck outta him.

  • Rickg

    I agree he’s a butterface because I want my butt on his face. You see what I did there?

  • Steve Goryan

    That last pic is super hot! Not just because there are two shirtless good looking men in it, but it shows how BIG this dude is! And who the hell looks great in EVERY fashion pose they make? What gives? I hate guys like him… too perfect. Well, almost, the only thing wrong with him is that he’s not living with me.

  • JW Vandenberg

    He’s like a big sexy ogre. Id visit his swamp.

  • no

    i once fell in love with a canadian, he was from edomonton

  • Marin

    Before you confess your love, learn how to spell Edmonton;)

  • LumberJack

    what a hottie with a “I’m going to fuck you until you cry” look! But I bet he is a snuggler after the act!