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September 17, 2013

8 Hot Bottoms I Want To Bang

Did you really think I’d let my dear co-blogger J. Harvey outdo me with his “8 Tops You’ll Want Inside of You” list? Fuck no! You can bet your pretty ass I’d be right behind him with my very own special list of Manhunt members, featuring an international smörgåsbord of bottoms and versatile bottoms I’d be glad to have sitting on my face, my dick or various other appendages.

This all started when xcited1 caught my eye in the USA edition of our Manhunt Now newsletter. It gradually became even more exciting when I perused other countries’ newsletters for self-proclaimed bottoms. By the end, it made me wish I had more than one dick, because how could I even venture to fuck all of these guys at once? I guess I’ll just need to fly around the world and do ’em all one by one…

– Dewitt

Click any name or picture below to see more of each bottom I’d bang:


xcited1 (USA):



startplaying (Spain):



hutcho1979 (Australia):



ale0207 (Colombia):



matt86se (UK):



pejuse (Portugal):



joemiami (Canada):



boyzinhoo_sc (Brazil):




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Jay Collins 7:48pm on October 26, 2013

BOW TIE GUY - is very yummy!

  • Leo

    You and I have very different taste in men. They are attractive, but I don’t find myself attracted to them. It’s a kind of respectablol mediocrity that makes it difficult to describe.

  • al

    Hello-o-o-o-o, Brazil!

  • RoadRunner85

    I think its called everyday people, like you and me, versus the steroid injected, Photoshopped, unachievable porn stars you typical see in this space….

  • James

    I’ll take Brazil, Australia, & Spain, thank you.

  • KinkMeUp

    StartPlaying needs to be in the top ten. Yowza.

  • col_boi

    I would do each of them with nary a second thoguht


    Do you know the way to Brazil ???

  • randy

    Even the latin country bottoms look very white.

  • Journalist1989

    Is it me or does matt86se look like Eric Dane a.k.a. McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy?

  • Some One

    Can you pack Colombia and Brazil in a bag to go please??

  • brian4peace

    Dewitt, ask me all you want about Hutcho1979. I’ll share all my dirty little secrets about our incredibly hot fuck sessions. Nope. Not joking.

  • Dewitt2it

    Heh, I’d rather meet up with him myself and create our own dirty little secrets. 😛

  • Xcited1

    My friend told me I was on this list. Fantastic! Thanks Dewitt! :~D

  • Dewitt2it

    Oh my! Come visit Manhunt headquarters, and I’ll put you on a new list of “8 Hot Bottoms I Banged”. 😛

  • xcited1

    Ahahah…don’t know if I have ever been to Massachusetts…how is it? You should hit me up on the site so we can talk off of this.

  • lek

    So glad I live in Brazil! So sad that I’m in Rio de Janeiro, he’s in Santa Catarina…

  • joemiami

    hahah nice , I’m in there , but no one thinks i’m hot… okay i get it hahahah
    thanks btw

  • Na Joe your a cute guy you just need to show a little more flesh to get the hot vote is all!

  • Congrats

  • Matt

    startplaying from Spain is fantastic

  • CupidsBeau

    His son or baby brother, definitely. If McDreamy and McSteamy combined themselves. LOL

  • CupidsBeau

    The Brazilian one has a smile like John Barrowman’s – aka Captain Jack Harkness

  • Jay Collins

    BOW TIE GUY – is very yummy!