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November 27, 2013

Blasphemy Is Sexy

Has my general disdain for organized religion prevented me from realizing church has gotten sexy? Look at these priests and altar boys (and…sexy janitors?) Every priest I encountered when I was growing up was old, crusty, and giving my First Communion-receiving ass the eye. *shudder*

According to the 2014 Orthodox Calendar, church has gotten so progressive! And so erotic! Look at the pretty-faced priest sampling that gay wedding cake. And the rectory’s houseboy cooks breakfast in his skivvies! They’re really getting with the times. I would probably endure that holy styrofoam they bless and make you eat if the priest looked like a C-IN2 model.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics from the 2014 Orthodox Calendarbelow:

orthodox new6

orthodox new7

orthodox new1

orthodox new4

orthodox new2

orthodox new3

orthodox new5



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JMDartist 6:59am on November 30, 2013


  • Hlb30

    Holy fuck – they are hot!!

  • Mr Average Guy

    Well, certainly not what you’d expect to see. Having looked at what they were trying to achieve though, I think it’s a rather nice message they’re trying to get across, hopefully people don’t ignore it instantly because of where it comes from!

  • rj

    Very fun….what would Sister Eunice think???

  • Oh jeez…As a former orthodox altar boy, this is WEIRD! o_O

  • bhujerban

    Some unusual entries… but also very good!

  • whitedavo

    Blasphemy is cheap and hasn’t been edgy in thirty years.

  • Jack Corey

    That last one is soooo hot!

  • JD

    this is silly and not hot.

  • I’ve seen this type of series before and it kinda amazes me that the Church would do this. It seems like with all the molestation issues they’ve all been dealing with, that the last thing they would want is priests in erotic situations with hot young men.

    Are they trying to trick the potential gay market? “Look at us, we like the gay boys.” And then when they get in the Church it’s “Surprise! Gay’s are going to hell!”

    Still, hot pics.

  • JMDartist