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June 26, 2014

Look At This Tall Guy With An 8.5 x 6 Inch Penis!

He stands at 6’3″ with salt and pepper hair, blue eyes and a nicely furry chest. You can find him in New York—Gramercy Park, to be exact—where he will wow you with his incredibly thick 8.5 inch uncut schlong and a pleasantly round rump that’s open for business. (Yup, he’s versatile!)

Meet Manhunt member MikeNYC81! Much like our previously featured members caxas26 and outtaperth22, we can’t show you pictures of his dick without his permission. Although, if you’re lucky enough to get him to unlock for you, we hope you do everything you can to get your hands, mouth and ass wrapped around it.

– Dewitt

Take a look at some pictures that aren’t this guy’s huge cock below:







Head over here to see more pics, read his profile or send him a message.



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Steve Goryan 11:53am on September 19, 2014

This guy... I mean, ... He's like.... I would so..... Seriously.... I can't even.... WOOF!

  • Jaqq

    Please be my sugar daddy

  • gil

    I Love you!

  • Steve Goryan

    Wow, yeah, just a look at his face, his smile and his chest and his penis size is just a boner… er.. bonus. This man is hot!

  • CupidsBeau

    So – who needs to see his cock after seeing those beautiful blue eyes, that S&P hotness, and DAMN – that smile?! HELLOOOO! Hot hot hot.

  • James J

    Sugar daddy? He’s only 33?!

  • nancledra

    Are there any guys featured in this site who have the classic gay looks? Muscled, Hung, Clean facial shaven, Smooth, and clean skinned i.e. No tattoos? I realize that I may be nowadays, in a serious minority here, but I never see any featured models who fit what I see as my turn on in these features. OK I see some guys, but they are with hairy, bearded, tatted guys. Oh how I long for a “classic” good looking MAN! hope the blogger reads this.

  • Dewitt2it

    The blogger has read this, and he wonders if you’re carefully reading this blog. Plenty of men who fit that description have been featured over the past five years.

  • thatguynextdoor

    Wow. Just. Wow.


    In some pics he looks a lot older than 33

  • Tim

    33, girl pur-leaze…a little truth never hurts.

  • Dewitt2it

    Say what you wanna say, but I can attest that he’s telling the truth about his penis size.

    (Not that I’ve seen it in person.)

  • schiz0id

    Pictures or it didnt happen

  • Richard W

    He had me with that amazing salt n’ pepper do…

  • AlwaysUPaustin

    “Classic”? There is no such thing. There have been waves and trends that have created many in the community to have body issues. Finally, over the last decade the notion of a certain look being the standard has begun to diminish. Don’t like the look of models on a site…go to another. Porn is finally getting closer to a representation of ho we are as a community. With a bit more diversity, we might actually get there.

    We all have men that we find attractive and THANK GOD we all have different tastes

  • AlwaysUPaustin

    neither the terms “sugar” nor “daddy” relate to an age. “Daddy” is all about the attitude and the look.

  • Cman65

    you have not seen it , so you did him in the dark?

  • Brad

    I don’t see the penis. Did I miss something?

  • Dewitt2it

    Yes, read the text.

  • liguyny3

    I am praying to gray like him. Moan. He seems goofy. Moaning harder.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    A representation of HO we are as a community? You can say that again. HO.

  • duckfaceantonacio

    I’m impressed that the photo of him in his white polo tells us he knows how to iron, or has a good dry cleaner. His appearance is so well groomed and natural. He has very manly and easy going beauty, and he is not a barbie doll. I pay attention to details.

  • Louki Viskosas

    Oh my God, he’s absolutely precious gold!!

  • Steve Goryan

    This guy… I mean, … He’s like…. I would so….. Seriously…. I can’t even…. WOOF!