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Roman Dawidoff
June 26, 2014

The Ten: Roman Dawidoff Lasts On Top For Eight Weeks In A Row

Nine weeks ago, Roman Dawidoff yanked the title of “Sexiest Man of The Moment” from underwear model Anthony Moufarej, defeating him by a margin of 227 votes in his first round on The Ten. He’s coming up on his tenth and final week on the competition, and chances are, he’ll sweep this race with no effort on his part whatsoever.

Right beneath Dawidoff, Bravo Delta was reclaiming his dignity by topping my stupid butt (which is apparently still hotter than Matt Bomer and RyanBobby Hart’s battered faceRose). Previous top five finalist Sean Zevran failed to gain enough traction to stay in the mix, and he was joined in the loser’s circle by an impressively attractive group of men—Killian James, Edu Boxer, Aybars and Micah Brandt.

Dawidoff’s impending retirement from the countdown could spell good news for newcomers Todd Sanfield, Tommy Defendi, Eli Lewis, Andrew Justice and Dirk Caber. If they survive this round, the number one slot will be wide open for one of them (or whoever else makes it through) to snatch up and cherish forever.

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s how the game works! Each week, we’ll feature ten men to choose from. You can vote for as many contestants as you’d like, and only the five with the highest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of attractive fellows selected by your favorite bloggers. (That would be us.)

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Wednesday to pick your favorite contestants, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

See pics of all ten contestants and cast your vote below:

In the grand tradition of ten words or less…


Roman Dawidoff

1. ROMAN DAWIDOFF (LW – 1, W9): A true champion, even if he doesn’t win this round.


Bravo Delta

2. BRAVO DELTA (LW – 4, W3): A very fuzzy top you probably want inside of you.


My Stupid Butt

3. MY STUPID BUTT (LW – 2, W3): Some overrated blogger’s ass, covered in light blond hair. Whatever.


Matt Bomer half naked

4. MATT BOMER (LW – 3, W4): His butt was in The Normal Heart and Magic Mike.



5. RYAN ROSE (LW – 10, W2): Apparently, “Bobby Hart’s battered face” doesn’t affect his sex appeal…


Todd Sanfield

6. TODD SANFIELD (RETURN): He won’t spread his butt cheeks if he wins, but…


Tommy Defendi

7. TOMMY DEFENDI (RETURN): His birthday’s soon, so you have to vote for him.



8. ELI LEWIS (DEBUT): Escort and porn star who embodies the term “power bottom”.


Andrew Justice

9. ANDREW JUSTICE (DEBUT): He arguably stole the scene in our Leo Sweetwood post.



10. DIRK CABER (RETURN): Classical musician, gay porn DILF… What can’t this man do?



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Guyscout 1:22am on June 30, 2014

I still choose you. The only thing better would be seeing you naked from head to toe!

  • Joseph Rice

    that’s still a sweet ass, Dewitt!

  • flipflop56

    You’re still ahead of Bomer! BTW, liking your butt!

  • nodoubtfan

    I see London, I see France, I see Dewitt’s balls and his underpants!

  • Awesome come back

  • Dewitt2it

    I’m actually kind of glad my stupid butt’s fifteen minutes of fame might finally be up. All of this attention has been a bit overwhelming.


    Sean Zevran voted off the ten 4 the likes of a Eli Lewis and Tommy Difendi now thats what I call a FUCKING JOKE !!!

  • jonnynct

    The top three choices are the hottest, but not necessarily in that order…will only tell Dewitt who is first.

  • Horny Mike

    I voted for 7 of the 10, which means that if you threw all of the names into a bag and then randomly picked two, you’d probably be extemely happy with the outcum !! Mmmmm

  • Chris

    I really want to see Dewitt’s ass framed in a very revealing pair of Andrew Christian underwear. That would just be the icing on the cakes. ‘-)

  • MisterGnome

    Even though it’s sliding down the poll, I’ll vote for your stupid butt as long as I can!

  • _lit

    your stupid butt might start asking for photo approval soon

  • aussie101

    andrew justice love him just awwwwwwwww hehehe

  • GraphicJack

    you should have your stupid butt and your stupid cock battle it out for spots one and two…

  • GraphicJack

    sliding down a poll or pole… lol

  • I voted for you, Dewitt

  • AB

    Hole pic next week? 🙂

  • Dewitt2it

    I’ve written about them enough that they should send me a few free samples, don’t you think?

  • Nealb4

    I vote for your stupid butt cause it’s a place my face could call home! WOOF…

  • nodoubtfan

    Only if you promise to dance like the Joe Boxer guy!

  • Dewitt2it

    I could just dance like an Andrew Christian model, which would mostly mean taking off the underwear and bottoming for an invisible person.

  • Guyscout

    I still choose you. The only thing better would be seeing you naked from head to toe!