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July 16, 2014

I Wish I Were A Muscle Bear (So I Could Have Sex With This Muscle Bear)

My weird body is perfectly okay with me! After years of stressing over my bony shoulders and future back rolls, I’ve decided that I’m ready to be comfortable in my own skin (though, apparently, not comfortable enough to include a shirtless picture in my Manhunt profile). On the rare occasion when I’ve contemplated getting my shit together and going to the gym, I’ll admit that my interests leaned toward bulking up versus coming out looking like a perfectly chiseled Andrew Christian model.

Basically? I’d want to become a muscle bear. This would not only serve the purpose of making me want to have sex with myself, but it’d also make me eligible to (potentially) sleep with Manhunt member mslbearhunter. He’s a muscle bear who’s only into other muscle bears. You probably could have figured that out by simply looking at his profile name, but you know, I’m here to state obvious things so you only have to think with the brain in your pants.

– Dewitt

Look at this muscle bear who won’t have sex with me below:







Head over here to see more pics, read his profile or send him a message.



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huncut 12:47pm on August 2, 2014

OMG I would like those pits and imagine what his arse looks like. YUM>

  • ptwncc

    I’d be glad to take his place

  • MisterGnome


    (Is Twink Week over already?)

  • Dewitt2it

    Twink Week isn’t a NON-STOP, relentless barrage of pretty boys throwing their smooth anuses at your dick! I’ve got to mix it up a little. 😛

  • MisterGnome

    By all means, keep it up. I like what you’re mixing!

  • Steve Goryan

    I like the last pic best.

  • Steve Goryan

    Did you say you were going to mix it up? or keep it up for us, there, Dewitt? Hmmmmmmmm??

  • JMDartist

    mmmmm…this ‘goldilocks’ needs a bear attack, pronto ;p

  • aussie101

    not sure i wud wanna be a muscle bear or if its physically possible for me at all however wud gladly love to be under one….or on one,….all good hehe

  • Calm Down It’s Only Lust

    It’s guys like this that make me want to be dominated 😉

  • Laphog

    I’d clamp don on him so fast!

  • huncut

    OMG I would like those pits and imagine what his arse looks like. YUM>