It’s An All-Star Orgy From MEN

MEN’s latest gangbang features a varsity squad of porn names – Paddy O’Brian, Gabriel Cross, Diego Reyes, and Skyy Knox. These men have earned their lettermen’s jockstraps by being some of the best dickslingers with the hungriest asses in porn. Do they need cheerleaders? I’m willing to be lifted in the air by my ass […]

Instahot: andrew.biernat

Damn, models don’t play around with their gym game, huh? This is Instagram user andrew.biernat. He’s a top model. For obvious reasons. You can usually see him on a runway, or in a magazine spread. Where I would like to see him is in my pants. I don’t have a chance, do I? He’s probably […]

It’s a ChaosMen Three-Way!

Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday. We had some tech issues. But now we’re back with lots of new cock and balls! Here’s ChaosMen’s latest threesome. Jerome, Michael, and Wren bareback buttfuck the right way – WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. (The ChaosMen bedroom is really at maximum capacity with three guys.) It’s […]

College Dudes: Conner Mason And Dylan Drive

I haven’t written about College Dudes scenes enough during my tenure here at Manhunt Daily. I should – they get kinda innocent-looking, scrappy little guys to fuck. Watching Conner Mason and Dylan Drive sit on dicks has really set me up for a good weekend, you know? Click here for more.


The Justin Bieber of porn is back! Ok, that’s probably not a positive comparison. Johnny Rapid has made his triumphant return to MEN! And he’s a pirate! Cunningly timed with the release of that shitty-looking Pirates of the Carribean 64 or whatever, MEN gives us Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody. In Part 1, Johnny is […]

Taken From Tumblr: Harnesses

Created so you have something to hold on to when you’re plowing ass, the harness has evolved into an almost compulsory item of apparel when it comes to certain gay events. Seriously, all of a sudden, all of my buds had harnesses on. I felt out of place in my t-shirt! And some of my […]

Here’s Austin Wilde And Corbin Colby Barebacking

Guys In Sweatpants posted this old scene of Austin Wilde barebacking with Corbin Colby. I know it’s old because Corbin has long hair. He’s cut it since then. This scene was apparently of a cam show they did awhile back. I don’t care. It’s a video of Austin Wilde barebacking with Corbin Colby! Click here […]

Sean Cody: Daniel The Fuck Machine Plays Croquet

Daniel The Fuck Machine never, ever disappoints. Whenever I get a Sean Cody promo that mentions him, I know it’s going to be a savage scene. This one co-stars Porter, and kicks off with them playing the very posh game croquet. Playing with balls makes our players horny, and they’re bareass and boned before the […]

Alex Mecum And Tex Davidson Are Flip-Fucking For TitanMen

Flip-fucking AND a sling scene! Thank you, TitanMen! It’s time for Alex Mecum to take a ride in the sling, making it practically a wave machine as Tex Davidson spears his perfect ass. They adjourn to the bedroom, and Tex goes for a ride of his own on Alex’s cock. Does anyone else thinks versatile […]