Dick Dorm Comes Up With An Extremely Novel Way To Get Drunk

You’re probably guessing that “Dick Dorm” combined with “way to get drunk” means that someone in this scene is getting a beer enema. YEP. It’s Dick Dorm, they’re twisted as fuck. Johnny Rapid’s sexier double Charlie Pattinson (what, I think Charlie Pattinson looks like Rapid except hotter…we don’t ALL have to immediately nut at Johnny’s […]

Manhunt Man Of The Week: radioactive_man

Our Manhunt Member of the Week (or “Manhunt Man of the Week,” to the dude who asked – same thing, it’s just that I’m indecisive) hails from the Great White North and is super-sexy. Of course he is, this bubble butt is running the show up there, everyone’s sexy in Canada! Manhunt member radioactive_man describes […]

Dante Martin Devours Bridger Watts

Who wouldn’t? Dante Martin swallows Bridger Watts‘ cock, eats his furry buttcrack, and makes him moan and squeal like a horny buttslut. This is all on the pretext of Bridger needing a job, and Dante is more than willing to employ him as a big-dick-for-hire. You see, Dante’s pucker is PINING for a nice, thick […]

Solo Artist: Let’s Watch A Hot Guy From Bulldog Pit Jack His Dick

Chase is straight out of the Bulldog Pit, and he’s horny. He’s probably horny because he got a glimpse of his naked body in the mirror and became boned over his own hotness. Chase takes off all his clothes, greases his palm, then goes to work on that thick tool, giving us a view of […]

Raw Dogs: Damon Heart Hosts Sergeant Miles On “Breeding Prince Charming”

They’re a little late but it’s still kinda funny. Here’s Lucas Entertainment goofing on that godawful Finding Prince Charming show that Logo foisted on us some months back. You know, the one where the ex-escort, I mean entrepreneur made like The Bachelor and had to find love amidst a houseful of men seemingly cursed with […]

Dato Foland And Frank Valencia Put Down Their Champagne Glasses To Flip-Fuck

Men At Play never disappoints. You’re going to get fire-hot men in suits fucking. Something about a guy in a suit bent over, shirt and jacket lifted so he’s bareass, and getting that butt eaten…*delicious shiver*. I could watch Dato Foland get that crack butt eaten for hours, and the porn move of reaching back […]

Lucas Entertainment: How Do Marq Daniels And Bogdan Gromov Do It?

Do Lucas Entertainment‘s Marq Daniels and Bogdan Gromov ever tire? They just participated in a mind-blowing orgy for Lucas, and now they’re in a threeway with Bogdan’s step-brother Klim Gromov (does this count as incest porn)! Marq and Bogdan are just endless engines of dick! Do you think Bogdan has always wanted to fuck around […]

Celebrity Skin: Here’s All The Celebrity Full Frontal You Might Have Missed

Do you guys like seeing celebrities’ cocks? Well, semi-celebrities. Ok, any dude with an IMDB page? Me, too! Let’s check out some famous penis! Special thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk for bringing some of these to our attention. Here’s some actor named McCaul Lombardi showing schlong in a scene from a Shia LaBeouf flick called […]

CockyBoys: Taylor Reign Takes Off His Shirt And Tie To Fuck Levi Karter

Odd for a porn blogger to type this, but Taylor Reign looks HOT in a shirt and tie. Right? Swagger on, Taylor. This, of course, turns sexy lil’ Levi Karter the fuck on. Speaking of “the fuck on,” guess what happens? Taylor treats Levi’s ass like a bowling ball! Then he treats it like a […]