NextDoor: Shawn Reeve Needed No Introduction

Check it out – Shawn Reeve is filming for NextDoor now and that fact has made my hard-on way happy. Ever since Bromo’s “Train Me” saga, where he played a sadistic personal trainer, I’ve had a thing for Reeve. But get this, he’s debuting on NextDoor as a bottom. But(t), but(t), he fucks so ferociously, […]

Twitter Feed (Me): If Gay Porn Stars Are A-Tweetin’, We’re A-Followin’

Blah blah blah introduction to this week’s “Twitter Feed (Me”)! (Don’t worry, I know you just come here to see who’s been showing off their cock on Twitter this week. I forgive you. p.s. Manhunt Daily’s on Twitter. So is Manhunt proper! You can always count on the very posable Jackson Grant to bring the […]

MEN: Jackson Grant Puts His Political Career On The Line With Noah Jones

These two are smokin’! And I’m not just saying that because hotass Jackson Grant is supposed to stop by Manhunt HQ in the near future and has hinted he’d be into getting bareass for my smartphone’s camera. It’s good to be a porn blogger. MEN has Grant playing a politician that started sexting with young […]

An Interview With Brian Bonds’ Butthole

Is this the second time that Brian Bonds has gotten DP-ed in recent weeks? In the latest Lucas orgy, Brian gets double-penetrated (again) by lean, mean sex machine Marq Daniels. Again! This time Marq brought sex bull Adam Killian to rub dicks together within the confines of Brian’s butthole. Oh, and Michael Roman‘s in play […]

Here’s A Round-Up Of The Delectable Dick On Sean Cody Lately…

Sean Cody is ALL about the dick lately. Beautiful dick. Long dick. Erect dick. DICK DICK DICK. Come get dick! Here’s a round-up of their recent offerings (and all of that dick is attached to some truly beautiful men). Click here to get your ass over to Sean Cody to partake of all that DICK. […]

Woody Fox Shows Brandon Wilde The Delights Of “The Ten Spot”

Woody Fox makes me want to consider my ban on dudes with long hair. (I can’t deal with pubes in my mouth after I blow a dude, how am I supposed to deal with long lady hair?) Woody’s tresses are shampoo commercial shiny and I kind of want to run my dick through them. Remember […]

Toy With Me: Veiny Victor Visited Manhunt Daily!

Remember last week when I told you that the Manhunt Sex Shop was having this deal where, if you spent $25, you’d receive a Veiny Victor? Well, it’s true – you do. I ordered some stuff (none of your damn business) off the Manhunt Sex Shop. When said stuff (none of your business) arrived, Veiny […]


Note the caps – cuz’ that’s Nick Sterling! He’s one of my favorites of old, AND HE’S DONE A NEW SCENE OPPOSITE COBY MITCHELL. So, before I ever got into porn blogging, I was OBSESSED with Nick Sterling. He’s cute as a buttplugbutton, and he has the most incredible, thoroughly edible ass. Nick Sterling’s buttcheeks […]

The Locker Room: Eero Westerberg

Normally I only feature professional athletes here in “The Locker Room.” But it’s been suggested to me that I should also feature civilian athletes who fit the bill of “hot, fuckable, and make that REALLY, REALLY hot.” Case in point – Eero Westerberg. He’s a fitness trainer on Instagram, and I first came upon him […]