Drawn To You: Meatmen

Some of you Manhunt Daily readers who are little more mature in years probably recall Meatmen! It was a gay erotic comic art anthology that ran from 1986 and 2004, and provided plenty of delightful wank material to those who had access to a gay bookstore in the beginning, and then could order it online […]

Huge Cocks: Which One Is The “Big Dicked Bitch”?

They’re both swinging low, but I think Buck Richards is the Big Dicked Bitch in this sitch. Jordan Levine is fresh from spooging on Will Braun’s glasses to gift some dick on Buck. Jordan’s topping in every which way, but Buck’s penis is really impressive and isn’t used enough! This is an XL situation! But, […]

Manhunt Man Of The Week: Instantvibe

Meet Instantvibe ! All I can say is ABS. You can’t tell from this pic, but the dude’s abs are SICK. Like granite. If he flexes those core muscles while he’s fucking your butt, you might explode! See more of Instantvibe’s pics here. Profile Name: Instantvibe Age: 31 From: Congreso, Buenos Aires , Argentina Find […]

MEN: Jake Ashford And Paul Canon Welcome Wesley Woods

I’ve always thought that the best way to deal with relationship issues is to bring in a third dude. Hey, it worked for Jake Ashford and Paul Canon. They’re staying at some combo bathhouse/hotel, and not getting along. Enter a very naked and semi-erect Wesley Woods! He comes back to kiss up in a solo […]

Active Duty: Congratulate Aston Springs And Jay Ice On Their First Time

Soldier boys Aston Springs and Jay Ice are taking the plunge. Well, Jay plunges his big cock into Aston Springs waiting ass. These two have jerked off in solo scenes for Active Duty, but this is the first time either of them have fucked another dude on film. Then we get to see Jay slide […]

Happy President’s Day! Pick The Hottest President!

Happy President’s Day! It’s that day when we celebrate all things presidential (except the current one)! Because this is Manhunt Daily, we need to make it filthy! I’ve rounded up 10 of what I think are the hottest presidents the US has ever been gifted with/enjoyed/dealt with/endured (as American citizens know – it can vary), […]

Topher Dimaggio And Jeremy Spreadums Go For A Dip. In Each Other.

I wasn’t sure that Falcon Studios could top the JJ Knight episode of their “Into The Blue” series. JJ Knight’s big, long cock eclipses everything. But then I saw Topher Dimaggio and Jeremy Spreadums (who is somehow still walking after Colby Keller recently penetrated his ass) in their snug speedos, then taking off their snug […]

Hot House: Woody Fox Tames Johnny V’s Ass In The Bathhouse

Woody Fox looks like a straight lady’s wet dream. He’s masculine, he’s got those long luscious locks chicks dig, and BODY. What a slap in the face to the ladies when they find out that Woody would rather plant his porn caveman cock in the EXTREMELY muscular ass belonging to “The Blonde Flattop” – Johnny […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Porn Stars Are A’Tweetin’!

Well, we didn’t get hacked last weekend. That was nice! Your favorite porn stars were all over Twitter this week, posting pics, acting shady towards Manhunt Daily for promoting their scenes (*eye-roll*), and other fantastic fuckery. Scroll down to see the best tweets of the week! – Michael Xavier Would Kayden Gray rather we not […]