Twitter Feed (Me): If You’ve Got It, Tweet It

Hey, look – it’s amusing/informative/filthy tweets from porn stars. Take it away, boyz. – Michael Xavier Jake Ashford by Fort Troff Loving my new @FortTroff jock — Jake Ashford (@jake_ashfordxx) April 20, 2017 Aspen has a good question. Who was the top and whose the bottom between buzz lightyear and woodie from toy story?@JohnnyRapidATL […]

Survey: Ever Had Sex Outdoors? Was It Hot?

I have had sex outdoors. I have had sex on a lawn. I have had sex behind a dumpster. I have had sex under a dock (and no, it wasn’t the Dick Dock in P-Town). And I have had sex on a playground (I was in high school so it wasn’t TOO perverted). How about […]

MEN: Paddy O’Brian Pulls A “Hat Trick” With Lucas Fox

In a porn pairing I never even THOUGHT about, MEN’s spokesbody Paddy O’Brian is paired with skyscraper of a man Lucas Fox. Oh, and Lucas has a skyscraper of a dick, too. In Hat Trick, Paddy is juggling three different tricks but I’m thinking Lucas is the winner here. It’s not often that bod of […]

ChaosMen: Lorenzo And Sam Raw Dog It

I’m into Sam but I’m even deeper into Lorenzo. Give me a swarthy, chest-heavy fucker any day! ChaosMen brings you the raw barebacking action with these two going for broke until the cum runs everywhere. Click here for more. – Michael Xavier

Sean Cody: Cum Machine Meets Cum Guzzler

Sometimes the studios do me a solid and write the post titles themselves. (I’m SEVERELY under the weather, so forgive me if I’m very, very brief today.) Cum machine Jess meets cum guzzler Cassian. These two eager guys were ready to get to it, especially since we found out that Cassian has a crush on […]

Get Maskurbate For 50% Off!

It’s anonymous hot guys jerking off and fucking. For half off. Need I type more? Sample their wares below and use this link to get Maskurbate for 50% off! – Michael Xavier  

Quentin Gainz, Jimmy Clay And Ty Thomas Have A Three-Way

NextDoor’s Straight Chexxx is a sublime porn series but I keep fixating on the fact that, despite having an enormous cast of hot, they haven’t physically put headliners Markie More and Quentin Gainz together yet. Well, they managed to make me forget that for a moment with this SLUTTY three-way with Quentin, Jimmy Clay and […]

Instahot: monkey_bizniss

They’re a couple AND a brand. Instagram influencers monkey_bizniss are an extremely attractive gay couple who are more than willing to use their bodies to sell underwear. Good on them! Their posts make for a HELLUVA underwear ad. Keep scrolling to see more. I’m buying what they’re selling. What they’re selling appears to be BODY. […]

My Five Favorite Scenes: Dirk Caber

The other day I was struck by a falling-piano-out-a-window of inspiration! Instead of yet another post consisting of me blathering on about my favorite porn scenes, why not have an actual porn star blather, er, blog about porn scenes? Specifically, how about a porn star blogging about his own five favorite scenes? You get to […]

Michael Roman And Jack Andy Pay The “Two Dick Minimum”

I’m sure back in the day before the plague, Two Dick Minimum was the actual ruleat gay bars! Heady times. Raging Stallion’s latest features brawnies Michael Roman and Jack Andy demonstrating what the possibilities are when you meet a guy at a bar and not online! (Not that meeting a guy online is a bad […]