Lucas Entertainment: How Do Marq Daniels And Bogdan Gromov Do It?

Do Lucas Entertainment‘s Marq Daniels and Bogdan Gromov ever tire? They just participated in a mind-blowing orgy for Lucas, and now they’re in a threeway with Bogdan’s step-brother Klim Gromov (does this count as incest porn)! Marq and Bogdan are just endless engines of dick! Do you think Bogdan has always wanted to fuck around […]

Celebrity Skin: Here’s All The Celebrity Full Frontal You Might Have Missed

Do you guys like seeing celebrities’ cocks? Well, semi-celebrities. Ok, any dude with an IMDB page? Me, too! Let’s check out some famous penis! Special thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk for bringing some of these to our attention. Here’s some actor named McCaul Lombardi showing schlong in a scene from a Shia LaBeouf flick called […]

CockyBoys: Taylor Reign Takes Off His Shirt And Tie To Fuck Levi Karter

Odd for a porn blogger to type this, but Taylor Reign looks HOT in a shirt and tie. Right? Swagger on, Taylor. This, of course, turns sexy lil’ Levi Karter the fuck on. Speaking of “the fuck on,” guess what happens? Taylor treats Levi’s ass like a bowling ball! Then he treats it like a […]

NextDoor: Quentin Gainz Initiates New Guy Kayden Andrews

Welcome Kayden Andrews to the fold! What better cocksman to initiate him into the biz by the “gee, gosh, shucks” beautiful, All-American Quentin Gainz! Quentin of the rock-hard abs. Quentin of the big, throbbing cock. Quentin as one of the best versatiles in the biz! What sucks for sexy little Kayden is that now he’s […]

Micah Brandt And Sean Zevran: When Titans Fuck

WHERE HAS THIS PORN PAIRING BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE? Hopefully a pairing this intense is being advertised on the screens in Times Square! Hot House has Micah Brandt and Sean Zevran meet, sweat, slide, collide and FUCK for the gods and back again. I don’t even know what that means. I do know that […]

Here’s Hot Bearded Scotsmen Doing Yoga In Kilts Just Because

Look at the muscularity. The dexterity. The inner calm manifesting on the outside. THE NIPPLES. Here’s some hot Scottish dudes with muscles doing yoga in the woods in kilts. Trust me when I type that I never figured on writing that sentence ever in my lifetime. The most important question this serene video leaves me […]

Beefy Fuckers: Well, Hello There, Luke Ward From Badpuppy *RRAOW*

It’s nice to meet you. Look at you in those clingy shorts out on the deck. You look a little chilly, though. It’s nice that you’re showing off the guns, but come inside to warm up (I’m ignoring the cigarette cuz’ I want this fantasy to be perfect.) [Editor’s note: I’m Nick Vargas in this […]

Raw Dogs: Sean Cody’s Jakob Didn’t Waste Any Time

Sean Cody’s Jakob “Solo Artist” post only went up on Manhunt Daily last Monday. And he’s ALREADY bareback fucking around with another dude for them! Sean Cody moves fast. I love it! Maybe jerking off on film for the first time made him really, really horny for more? Jakob is back to fuck some ass […]