Toy With Me: Your Ass Needs This Free Glass Dildo!

Want a 7-inch glass dildo from our Manhunt Sex Shop? FOR FREE? Yeah, me too. I was initially wary of glass dildos and then my ass ate one and it was sssssuuubbblllliimmmeee. I don’t need veins in my sex toys ALL the time. Click here to get it! – Michael Xavier

William Seed And Ryan Bones Make Will Braun Into Their Sex Toy

Now it’s Will Braun’s turn to get pounded by these two studs and he’s more than a happy to be a willing participant. Can I be Will Braun? Click here for more. William Seed – Twitter Ryan Bones – Twitter Will Braun – – Michael Xavier  

Cute Boys Fuck

The cute boys: Ty Thomas and Connor Collins The place: A bed The action: Fucking Mr. Next Door nominee Ty Thomas eagerly awaits the go ahead to begin messing around with Connor Collins. Connor is the newest piece of fresh meat, and Ty has been fantasizing about him since seeing him the night before at […]

Gay Hip-Hop Artist Milan Christopher Lets It All Hang Out

I’d never heard of Milan Christopher. But I think I’m a fan now. No, I still haven’t listened to his music. But he went full-frontal for Paper magazine! Hence, I am now a serious Milan stan. Cuz’ it’s a NNNIIICCCEEE cock. Pics are below (that ass is pretty fine, too) and I threw in some […]

Let’s Kinky: Scott Demarco Stuffs A Dildo In Kirk Cummings’ Mouth

It’s time for some kinky fun! Kirk Cummings plays a cop who tried to shut down Scott Demarco’s cruising area. Unlike most of us who would just find a new one, Scott kidnaps him, ties him up, flogs his ass, shoves Scott’s nightstick up his own butt, and stuffs a giant dildo in his mouth. […]

Huge Cocks: Jay Alexander, Noah Donovan, And Jack Andy Have Them

The site is called Extra Big Dicks. They ain’t lyin’! Jay Alexander, Noah Donovan, and Jack Andy have so much cock between them that they could probably circle the globe with it. Twice. …and then decide they should all have sex with each other and see just how big their cocks really are. They start […]

Jonah Fontana And Jackson Grant Wave Their Dicks At Each Other

I recently had a rather kinky chat with Jonah Fontana. Did you know he’s in a triad with two other porn stars? SO HOT. He shared a couple of pics, too! So, his sexy beard and fuck-machine body have been on my boner mind lately. Jackson Grant is the scarred sexy that’s been making a […]

Markie More And Derek Bolt Are Flip-Fuckin’ Horny Husbands

Two of the best bodies in porn play horny husbands whose wives can’t give head for shit! They set out to prove that the stereotype is true – dudes DO give better blowjobs! Derek begins by sucking Markie off, and he’s just as good as Markie remembers. Markie returns the favor, getting Derek nice and […]

Guys Who Should Do Gay Porn: Gregg Sulkin

Want to see to which side actor/model Gregg Sulkin hangs? Of course you do! Back in la la land. Back on the grind. @mrbanksfit A post shared by Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) on Jun 5, 2017 at 6:22pm PDT To the left! Keep scrolling for more of Gregg. He’ll probably never do gay porn but he’s […]