It’s A Soldier Suck And Fuck Fest At Active Duty

God bless the U.S. of A (despite our sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot of a president. Thanks, 9 to 5!) Scott is eager as all hell and once the introduction is over with he is between Ryan’s long legs sucking on that big dick of his. Scott loves every inch of Ryan as he strokes […]

Marco Lorenzo Must Like Himself A Hairy Man

Because Fernando Del Rio is hairy like a werewolf! A SLUTTY werewolf! Fernando and Marco are sitting in their bed at the end of the day and Marco is obviously a little upset with Fernando. He feels neglected because Fernando has been working late a lot and they rarely have sex like they used to. […]

ChaosMen: Caspar And Cayden

ChaosMen’s Caspar has the smug look of someone who knows he’s about to take the dick of a much less burly man and is perfectly fucking fine with it. Go to it, Cayden! (It helps that they’re sort of the same height.) Pairing Caspar with guys who match his mass and height has been interesting. […]

Steve Rogers Isn’t Captain America But He’s Still A Porn Superhero

Uh, hi Steve Rogers. Damn, pardon me while I blow the NextDoor Buddies casting director. And Johnny Riley, too! Where’s he been beside my sweaty fantasies? Steve face fucks Johnny’s mouth before they switch roles. Johnny asks Steve if this really is his first time sucking a cock as Steve proves quite skilled deep throating […]

Hans Berlin Uses Jessie Lee To Escape From His Loveless Marriage

Well, if you’re going to escape your loveless marriage, you might as well use Jessie Lee. Sexy German Hans Berlin seeks solace from his loveless marriage with hot hard-bodied Asian jock Jessie Lee. Watch the two sneak away to Jessie’s hideout for an afternoon fuck session that leaves both exhausted and satisfied. Jessie Lee is […]

Austin Wolf Fixes Alex Mecum

Austin Wolf is some millionaire dude and Alexander Mecum is his favorite hooker and story, story, story. Get to the fucking, Hot House! As a surprise, Derek pulls out a pair of handcuffs that Alex uses to gently cuff Derek’s hands behind his back. He bends Derek over the bed, and rams his thick cock […]

Ashton McKay And Tobias Are “Raw Studs”

To preface this post, Tobias is fiery and watching him fuck is a privilege. That being, please marry me, Ashton McKay. You are a musclecub extraordinaire and I need you in me. I need to be in you. Let’s just elope. Ashton McKay and Tobias can’t keep their hands off each other’s hot bodies. It’s […]

I Don’t Normally Cover Industry Gossip, But This Cracked Me Up…

Manhunt Daily tends to avoid taking part in the industry gossip. That other angry dude does it way better than me (which is probably why he has about one jillion more readers). But this Twitter fight between real-life couple (maybe not after this) Paul Canon and Damien Kyle over a fucking burrito had me laughing […]