Real Life Couple Deacon And Asher Fuck For Sean Cody

This would almost be romantic if it wasn’t fucking hot and filled with enough pump action to fuel a thousand jerkoff sessions. Deacon and Asher are a couple in real life who are kindly enough to let Sean Cody film their lovemaking. Well, it’s less “lovemaking” and more “fuck action.” So, why Sean Cody? Asher […]

Mario Cruz And Ace Era In a Truly Disgusting Romp

It’s not that I don’t think some of this is hot. It’s just so…raw. And I’ve never been a creampie guy. And those handprints on those tattooed buttcheeks. The lighting gives it a basement feel. There’s probably guys out there for whom this is terribly sexy. It’s all for you, Damien (you dirty white boy)! […]

Manhunt At MAL: Boomer Banks, Dildo Shows, And Plenty Of Pics!

It was a celebration of mansex from coast to coast last weekend! On the west coast, we had Hustlaball Vegas going on. And on the east? Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend aka MAL! The two-day celebration of all things manly! You know, manly things like leather, dildos, chains, and DICK. SOOOOO much dick! Manhunt was proud to […]

Drawn To You: Adam

Gay erotic artist Adam is kind of like Tom of Finland’s little bro. He draws the same beautiful men, except a little younger, and less leathery. And the fun they have! Sure, some of them are bound and gagged and being sort of tortured. But mostly, they’re just young men having the naked sort of […]

Brent Corrigan Is Fucking Griffin Barrows For Falcon

Remember when Brent Corrigan was the twink of the century and the prime example of sexy boyishness in porn? Well, he’s older now, more mature, and sorta manly? Honestly, I prefer this version. True, I’m not as amped in the penis about the twink thing as I am the manly beef thing, but he just […]

Beefy Fuckers: Sean Zevran And Derek Bolt Find The Perfect Fit

Oooooo, when possessors of two of the most perfect body parts in porn come together in a clumsy but accurate “tailor measuring me for a suit” scenario…it’s like a heretofore undiscovered holiday! Sean Zevran has a bee-yoo-tee-full cock. The “B” in Derek Bolt stands for “BOUNTIFUL, BEEFY, BUTT.” Hot House put them together and POW […]

Celebrity Skin: Dick Pics Of Two Guys From “Teen Wolf”

Tyler Posey is the star of MTV”s long-running Teen Wolf series, and Cody Christian is…I don’t know. I’m super-sick and don’t have the strength to use IMDB. He’s on Teen Wolf, too. Here Tyler’s (supposed) cock: And here’s that Cody Christian guy’s: I don’t know what’s happening at the Teen Wolf set but […]

I Met Tobias James This Weekend And He’s Even Hotter In Person

So, my Uber drops me off at the house where Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler are shooting for Colby’s Crew. I ring the doorbell. No answer. Do I have the right place? I step back from the front door to look and make sure the address is correct. Suddenly, the door opens partially. A very […]

Topher Dimaggio Ends Taylor Reign

HAH! See what I did there? Ok, sorry, I’m probably hallucinating. Truth be told – I got WAY sick near the end of my stay in Vegas. Whether it was all the cigarette smoke (man, do they smoke EVERYWHERE in the casinos and hotels) or the change in climate, your porn blogger finished out his […]