College Dudes: Scott Riley and Conner Mason Are Feeling Sensual Today

I didn’t come up with that, it came from College Dudes’ promo material. It just struck me as funny because I’ve never known any college dudes gay or straight to admit that they were “feeling sensual” today. That seems so erotic vagina spa meditation sex therapy moment to me. Scott Riley and Conner Mason are […]

Bromo: All Pierce Hartman Wanted Was To Frost A Cake

Instead, he got his butthole frosted with cum by former solo artist Brad Powers! Tall glass of fuckable Pierce Hartman was merely trying to put the finishing touches on the cake he baked. Brad had other ideas. (By the way, Pierce is so fucking handsome even when he’s recoiling in terror!) Before Pierce knows it, […]

Drawn To You: Art Franco

Art Franco’s lush paintings of male courtesans in powdered wigs sucking each other off, bullfighters getting their asses eaten, and cum flying from bejeweled cocks make me wants to rent Dangerous Liaisons and fuck in front of it. Franco’s watercolor work has a HEAT to it that you can’t deny. Plus, it’s usually pretty hard […]

Justin Dean Takes Junior Fernandez Deep Into The Woods

In regards to that post title, “deep” refers to how far Justin Dean sinks his cock into Junior Fernandez’s butt in CockyBoys’ Justin Fucks Junior. “Cutest guy on Earth” Justin Dean has something he wants to show Junior Fernandez. If you’re a frequent viewer of adult entertainment, you’ve probably guessed that the things Justin wants […]

ChaosMen: Santino And Teo Ride Each Other Bareback

Normally I’m not here for long hair on porn models but Teo’s wavy/curly hair is really doing it for me. ChaosMen’s Teo and Santino are here for your raw dog, flip fucking pleasure. Teo is down for anything, and after experimenting with his girlfriend (who also does adult video work) he looks forward to trying […]

Naked Sword: Like A Phoenix From The Asses!

“I’ve been waiting for you, boy,” Rocco Steele growls at JD Phoenix. Before JD Phoenix knows it, he’s tied up, ass up, and getting his butthole PUMPED by the burly behemoth. I think I overheard JD moaning that Rocco’s cock is too big for his butt at one point? Hey, you knew how big Rocco’s […]

Solo Artist: Handsome Chris Kohler Beats Off

Hey, I’m back on Gay Hoopla again. Seriously, the guys are fucking hawt and I should be ashamed…I should be scolded…I should be spanked (please?) for ignoring this site for so long. Check out Chris Kohler. He is a GOOD-LOOKING man. He is a sexy man who is a grower not a shower. Limp he’s […]

Instahot: Let’s Check Out Brent Corrigan’s Instagram

Porn stars have Instagram accounts! Brent Corrigan has one. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Brent Corrigan’s current look – older, filled out, twinkie turned fuckstud. It’s nice to see that probably the most well-known twink buttsluts in gay porn history can evolve and improve with age. I think he’s way hotter when he’s […]

Jessy Ares And Griffin Barrows Are Going To Make Fuck Robots

Anyone see Ex Machina? For those who haven’t, it’s about a robot chick who may or may not be evil, her creator (who IS evil but hot because it’s Oscar Issac), and one of the Weasley brothers gets caught up in the android madness. Oh, and Oscar Issac’s mad Steve Jobs character lives in a […]