8 Awesome Things I Liked This Week

Welcome to my fifth installment of Awesome Things I Liked This Week, the less-pornographic cousin of our Cock Buffet series! I’ve been off my RSS feed game after the craziness of Thanksgiving, so I hope you’ll pardon that this week’s round-up is shorter than usual. Um, I’m never really sure what else to say in […]

12 Awesome Things I Liked This Week

Welcome to another edition of “Awesome Things I Liked This Week“, the redheaded step-child of The Cock Buffet… Except redheads are extremely hot, so it’s more like the hideously ugly step-child that your mom left in the car with the windows up on a hot summer day. Um, yeah! Clearly I’m not bitter that nobody […]

11 Awesome Things I Liked This Week

Big cocks, singlets, blowjobs, scruffy boys, jockstraps, self-fisting and… Cats? These are a few of my favorite things! Welcome to another useless roundup of stuff I like, most of which involves scantily-clad men like Dionisio Heiderscheid (aka D.O.). Are people enjoying these lists? Should I keep doing them every Friday? Please disregard item #11 while […]

13 Awesome Things I Liked This Week.

In honor of Friday the 13th and other great slasher flicks, I’ve expanded upon last Friday’s “10 Awesome Things I Liked This Week” to include thirteen spectacular items. Unfortunately, the only thing scary about this list is how hard your dick will get after scrolling through it. There will be blood! So much blood! Pumping […]

10 Awesome Things I Liked This Week.

Not-so-gentle readers, I have made another meaningless list! This is what happens when you don’t know what to blog about, so you just throw together some random shit and hope for the best. Things start off with some new pics of Colby Melvin, make an awkward segue into Paula Deen territory, and then go out […]

Colby Melvin Continues To Be Adorable.

Our dear friend at The Underwear Expert teamed up with photographer Gabriel Gastelum for “Splatter“, an editorial featuring Andrew Christian model Colby Melvin. Though I shared a pic from the shoot on my “10 Awesome Things I Liked” list a few weeks back, I thought you might enjoy this behind-the-scenes video of Colby and Cory […]