TBT: The Erotic Hypnosis of Dewitt

I don’t know how I missed this post in first run, but I’m glad to have a chance to bring it up again! Check out my predecessor’s experience with Neil the Erotic Hypnotist: AN EROTIC HYPNOTIST GOT ME NAKED & ALL I GOT WAS THIS MIND-BLOWING ORGASM   -tyler

Dewitt’s Was The Only Dick Colby Jansen’s Ass Would Have Welcomed

I was as shocked as the rest of the world when, during our exclusive interview, Colby Jansen suddenly gave a shout-out to my spiritual yet earthy co-blogger Dewitt and revealed he would have bottomed for him! We edited it out, but I audibly gasped, clutched my pearls, and fell out of my seat! Colby’s butt […]

I’ll Write About This So Dewitt Doesn’t Have To: “I’m Tan Mom”

Because there’s gay guys in Speedos dancing behind her.  That’s the only reason. When there’s pop culture fodder featuring dudes go-go dancing in very little, Manhunt Daily is there. Oh, how we wish we weren’t sometimes. Here’s professional mess Patricia Krentcil, aka Tan Mom. Ever since she got pinched for allegedly taking her then 5-year-old […]

Dewitt’s Weekend of Big Cocks: Adam’s 9-Inches

So can we all agree that Pascal, the guy who sucks cock on Maskurbate, is the luckiest man alive? Not only does he get to celebrate his birthday with Manuel DeBoxer‘s dick in his mouth, but he also gets to chow down on prime, uncut man-meat like Adam‘s. It’s honestly not fair! There are men who […]

Dewitt’s Weekend of Big Cocks: Ethan Ever

As of today, Ethan Ever is on track to come in second place on our Best Dicks of 2012 countdown. He’s moved up one spot since we last checked—and while this is all subject to change before we announce the full list next month—it’s safe to say that he’ll appear in the upper half of […]

Dewitt’s Weekend of Big Cocks: David Ken’s 10-Inch Meat

Size doesn’t matter—but holy fucking hell—that doesn’t make it any less hot to watch a thick, uncut 10-inch dick in action! You met Hard Brit Lads model David Ken a month ago in our Cock-A-Doodle Do Me series, and today, you get to see him put his ginormous whopper to good use. The lucky (?) bottom […]

Dewitt’s Weekend of Big Cocks: JJ Handler

For no good reason whatsoever, I’ve decided that the next few days will be devoted to “Dewitt’s Weekend of Big Cocks“! This is a very special time of the year when I shove big cocks in your face until you open wide and receive them… Because, obviously, you couldn’t have figured that out for yourselves. […]

Look What Dewitt Got For His Birthday!

Yesterday, and on a global scale, we celebrated one of the more important births that has ever taken place. Dewitt’s! Sure, that manger dude’s birth seems to have impressed a number of people, but Dewitt brings hundreds of thousands of people joy every day with his blogging skillz! He’s kind of a big deal. So […]

Happy Birthday, Dewitt!

It’s Dewitt’s birthday! A gay porn blogger couldn’t ask for a better gay porn co-blogger than Dewitt! For every poorly researched, grammatically incorrect, littered with pics of unattractive troll burnouts posts that I haphazardly throw up on Manhunt Daily, Dewitt writes TEN MORE POSTS dripping with sexy pics, impeccable grammar and research, and just littered […]