Hot Flash: You Can (Almost) See James Guardino’s Dick In This New Rick Day Shoot

“Almost” is the key word here. Photographer Rick Day captures James Guardino in a pair of revealing white briefs, providing us with a not-so-subtle “just the tip” view of his dick. You can almost make out the thickness of his shaft, but if I keep staring at these pictures and imagining what’s beneath the fabric, […]

Quickie: Anthony Moufarej

If you are a gay male human with an internet connection, you may have seen Anthony Moufarej‘s shots for C-IN2 floating around at some point. (You may have even seen them in this post.) To give you some context, Moufarej is a Lebanese-born fellow living in Canada. He started practicing a couple martial arts like […]

Manhunt Daily Wood: Dusty St. Amand

You can all hold back your gasps of shock that I’m attracted to male model Dusty St. Amand. He’s got a beard and a nice coating of body hair, and predictable as I might be in my gravitation toward the hirsute, it’s rather difficult to deny that he wears it well. Each and every one […]

Quickie: Jason Chipman Howlett

New York model Jason Chipman Howlett has been on our radar for quite some time, and we really can’t think of any logical excuse that he hasn’t been featured in our Quickie series. In a way, we’re almost glad we waited, because his latest shoot with Lucas Ferrier delivers some stunning portraits and captures his […]

Exclusive Interview With Brayden Forrester

Brayden Forrester has been appearing in porn for less than a year now, but the very fuzzy bottom has already ridden a whole bunch of the most notable dicks in porn. He bottomed for Tate Ryder in his debut scene, then followed it up by guzzling janitor piss for Michael Lucas, spreading his legs for […]

Quickie: Landon Falgoust

We know what some of you are thinking! Is Landon Falgoust related to Kaylan Falgoust? Are they the same person, or is every man that Rick Day photographs so excruciatingly stunning that you can’t tell them apart? We’re not sure if we have any answers for you, but you can head over here for a […]

Quickie: Robert Sepulveda Jr.

Holy fuck wad! We just got our hands on some new pics of male model and interior designer Robert Sepulveda Jr., taken by Rick Day for his third coffee table book. We’re fairly certain that we’ve written about Robert in the past, though we can’t seem to find the post for reasons that probably have […]

Manhunt Daily Wood: CG Kelly

Quite frankly? We didn’t think we could top last week’s Manhunt Daily Wood. London model Will won you over with his gorgeous face, lean body and round, hairy ass. He’s currently destined for the number one spot on The Ten, but he shouldn’t get too comfortable holding the title of “Sexiest Man of The Moment“. […]

Quickie: Laurence Hines

Over at RUFSKIN‘s blog, we caught these five shots from Laurence Hines‘ shoot with Rick Day and immediately fell in lust with the Austin-based model. Between the warm smile, the toned body and the magnificently alluring ass—not to mention the package in the front—it seemed like a given to feature Mr. Hines in our Quickie […]