November Is Reader Appreciation Month!

Oh hey! I got so distracted by Josh Long‘s pubes, I forgot to mention that November will be Manhunt Daily‘s official Reader Appreciation Month! None of this would be possible without you, so for the next few weeks, we’ll be getting into the Thanksgiving spirit with a ton of extra-special giveaways. First up? We’ve got […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Cocky Boys

The twelve exciting new scenes on this weekend’s edition of The Cock Buffet are, appropriately enough, brought to you by Cocky Boys. In case you haven’t seen it in your Manhunt inbox, we’re running an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime deal on the site—$12 per month for the rest of your life (or until you cancel). This is […]

Abraham Lincoln Porn.

I received an e-mail from the fellows at Headmaster over the weekend, notifying me that they had picked a winner for our Reader Appreciation Month contest. If you recall, they asked you to write five sentences about an imaginary encounter with the celebrity of your choice. The winner’s selection was, interestingly enough, Abraham Lincoln. It would not […]

Ten of Your Favorite Cocky Boys Scenes

We regret to inform you that there are no giveaways for Reader Appreciation Month today. As such, this might be a good time to work on your contribution to our It Happened On Manhunt series, so you can be that lucky fellow who wins six free months of unlimited membership to the site. We know […]

FREE PORN: Win A Membership To Cocky Boys

We know Reader Appreciation Month is almost over and everything, but could you please wipe that sad, stank look off your face? We saved one of the very best prizes for last! Gay porn site Cocky Boys was kind enough to provide us with four free one-month memberships for their site. You heard me right! If you win, […]

WIN IT: The First Four Issues of Headmaster

Today for Reader Appreciation Month, we’ll be choosing ONE lucky winner to receive the first four issues of Headmaster for free. Headmaster is, in their own words, “the biannual print magazine for the sophisticated man-lover who appreciates smart writing and thought-provoking art”, so this giveaway is quite the departure from our previous porn, lube and t-shirt contests. The […]

FREE Porn: Win A Membership To Parole Him!

Thanksgiving might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished showing our gratitude for YOU! On the 23rd day of Reader Appreciation Month, we’ve got four free memberships to gay porn “reality” site Parole Him. To be eligible to win, come up with an answer to the following question: “In your cop-related fantasies, would you […]

FREE PORN: Win A One-Month Membership To COLT!

Why do you want a free membership to COLT? Let me count the reasons! One, you can watch what I believe to be Trent Locke‘s final scene in the gay porn industry. Two, you’ll have access to a ton of vintage photo shoots and video clips like this, this and this. Three, they’re the number one […]

SECOND CHANCE: Win A Bottle of SPUNK Lube!

Bear with me, gentlemen! The holidays are going to make Reader Appreciation Month a little wonky, so winners for today’s SPUNK Lube giveaway won’t be notified until Friday morning/afternoon. Now, I know what some of you are thinking right now: “Didn’t you just do a SPUNK Lube contest? What gives?” Well, yeah! That’s entirely true… But […]

WIN: A Free Manhunt T-Shirt!

Here at Manhunt headquarters, we spend most of our time trying to get you out of your clothes, so it almost seems counterintuitive that we’re giving away free t-shirts for Reader Appreciation Month… But, hey, who says you need to wear pants when you’re rocking a Manhunt tee? In fact, we encourage you to NOT […]