Did a YouTube Celebrity Just Revolutionize Gay Porn?

Did Davey Wavey, the most subscribed gay YouTube celebrity in the world, just change the game when it comes to commercial gay porn?  Lol, no, but he’s trying some new things and it seems like a long time since that’s happened.  He’s been collaborating with many in the industry for several years now, and he […]

Celebrity Skin: Raphael Sander

Ok, “celebrity” might be stretching it but…well, Brazilian model turned actor Raphael Sander is HOT. look: Tá muito irado! #saltibum2016 #caldeiraodohuck #raphaelsander A post shared by Raphael Sander (@raphaelsander) on Oct 6, 2016 at 5:02pm PDT I have no clue what he’s saying, but I’m still twitchy in the pants area for him. (With my […]

Celebrity Skin: Darren Criss

Actor Darren Criss played 1/2 of the sorta insufferable/sorta heartwarming gay couple from Glee. He’s staying in the Ryan Murphy, Power Gay television family by playing mass murderer Andrew Cunanan in American Crime Story’s third season. They’re filming it right now and Darren’s sporting a speedo on the beach and getting all wet. There are […]

Celebrity Skin: Peter McPherson

Ok, he’s not exactly a celebrity. But he DOES have an IMDB page. AND his dick’s out online. Sold! Check out the tallywacker on Peter McPherson! – Michael Xavier h/t: !!!omg blog!!!

Looking For Nude Pics Of Celebrity Dudes? Presenting Mr. Man! (For $5!)

I am a HUGE fan of mainstream hot celebrity dudes going full-frontal, ass-out, what have you. But who wants to scour Google for hours on end to find screencaps and the like? I’ve got a life to lead (no, I don’t but I am lazy as fuck)! Enter Mr. Man! This site compiles TONS of […]

Celebrity Dick: Is That Really Alexander Skarsgård’s Cock?

HBO’s current critical darling, Big Little Lies, is a star-studded miniseries about the scandalous (and rather dangerous and dark-sided) lives of the richie riches in Monterey, California. True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård (don’t tell me you don’t remember Erik Northman, sexy Viking vampire sheriff) plays Nicole Kidman’s asshole abuser husband. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an effect […]

Celebrity Skin: Here’s All The Celebrity Full Frontal You Might Have Missed

Do you guys like seeing celebrities’ cocks? Well, semi-celebrities. Ok, any dude with an IMDB page? Me, too! Let’s check out some famous penis! Special thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk for bringing some of these to our attention. Here’s some actor named McCaul Lombardi showing schlong in a scene from a Shia LaBeouf flick called […]

Celebrity Skin: Jamie Dornan Should Do “50 Shades Of Gay”

I’m warning you – there is no porn in this post. There is barely a penis to be seen (there IS one if you look for it). But there are dudes out there that are so hot that I need to post about them in hopes that they’ll read the post and suddenly decide a […]

Celebrity Skin: Dick Pics Of Two Guys From “Teen Wolf”

Tyler Posey is the star of MTV”s long-running Teen Wolf series, and Cody Christian is…I don’t know. I’m super-sick and don’t have the strength to use IMDB. He’s on Teen Wolf, too. Here Tyler’s (supposed) cock: http://justwantcuddles.tumblr.com/post/156008143912/tyler-posey-again And here’s that Cody Christian guy’s: http://dle1125.tumblr.com/post/155963388578/teen-wolfs-cody-christian-this-is-soooo-fucking I don’t know what’s happening at the Teen Wolf set but […]