Celebrity Skin: Here’s All The Celebrity Full Frontal You Might Have Missed

Do you guys like seeing celebrities’ cocks? Well, semi-celebrities. Ok, any dude with an IMDB page? Me, too! Let’s check out some famous penis! Special thanks to Cocktails and Cocktalk for bringing some of these to our attention. Here’s some actor named McCaul Lombardi showing schlong in a scene from a Shia LaBeouf flick called […]

Celebrity Skin: Jamie Dornan Should Do “50 Shades Of Gay”

I’m warning you – there is no porn in this post. There is barely a penis to be seen (there IS one if you look for it). But there are dudes out there that are so hot that I need to post about them in hopes that they’ll read the post and suddenly decide a […]

Celebrity Skin: Dick Pics Of Two Guys From “Teen Wolf”

Tyler Posey is the star of MTV”s long-running Teen Wolf series, and Cody Christian is…I don’t know. I’m super-sick and don’t have the strength to use IMDB. He’s on Teen Wolf, too. Here Tyler’s (supposed) cock: http://justwantcuddles.tumblr.com/post/156008143912/tyler-posey-again And here’s that Cody Christian guy’s: http://dle1125.tumblr.com/post/155963388578/teen-wolfs-cody-christian-this-is-soooo-fucking I don’t know what’s happening at the Teen Wolf set but […]

Celebrity Dick: Is This Alex Bowen From Love Island’s Dick Pic?

I know. I don’t know what any of that means either. But it’s a dick pic. I’m not even going to Google what Love Island is, but my educated guess it’s some ridiculous reality show from Britain. I will look up who Alex Bowen is because, if this is his dick pic, he’s packing. He’s […]

Celebrity Skin: Calvin Harris Shows Major Bulge For Emporio Armani

As a general rule, the Celebrity Skin series is exclusively reserved for famous dudes who show their butts, dongs or a little bit of both. Rules, however, were made to be broken for men like Calvin Harris. The DJ and producer responsible for hits like “We Found Love” and “Sweet Nothing” stripped down for a […]

Celebrity Skin: 25 GIFs Of Mark Ruffalo That Will Make You Cum

Today marks the kick-off for International Masturbate To Mark Ruffalo Week. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of this seven-day jizz extravaganza, because when it comes to holidays, it’s about as legitimate as National Pizza Day or any of the other bullshit occasions you see people tweeting about on a regular basis. To fully participate […]

Celebrity Skin: Ben Affleck’s Dick In “Gone Girl”

After somehow staying under wraps for months, pictures of Ben Affleck‘s dick in Gone Girl have finally arrived on the internet. They made me realize that his wife Jennifer Garner wasn’t exaggerating when she said “you’re welcome” for being generous enough to share it with the world, because damnit, it is an impressive penis. I […]

Celebrity Skin: Charlie Hunnam’s Butt On “Sons Of Anarchy”

It’s a shame Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation. Much as I love his replacement Jamie Dornan—and freely admit I have no intentions of ever seeing the movie—it wouldn’t have been the worst thing to see some screenshots of Hunnam in graphic sex scenes (which unfortunately wouldn’t have included […]

Popular Demand: The Week of Jockstraps, Celebrity Butts, Hungry Holes & A 50% Off Sale

Butts seemed to be a very common theme last week on Manhunt Daily. You spent Memorial Day discussing whether jockstraps are hot or not, then hurdled dick-first into posts about Matt Bomer‘s ass, cum-drenched frat boys, the horny bottoms of Landon Conrad, the perpetually hungry boy-hole of Johnny Rapid and muscle jock Bodik Rigor‘s magnificently […]